Dear Life Church Family,

According to Romans 8:14, one of the marks of being a child of God is being led by the Spirit of God. Proverbs 19:2 teaches us that “Enthusiasm without knowledge is no good; haste makes mistakes.”

It’s for both of these reasons that I’ve endeavored to lean into the voice of the Holy Spirit and take my time before making a decision regarding how we would approach Sunday’s services. Additionally, talking with health professionals, it became obvious that things were literally changing by the hour and so making a decision before having all of the proper information would have been unwise. Wisdom in times like these requires leadership to practice the art of patience in order to collect all the relevant data points and trusting that the Spirit will lead us in the right direction – even when there’s pressure to do otherwise.

The question isn’t, “What’s everyone else doing?” But, “Father, what do you want US to do?”

After Pastor Tina and I have prayed and collected all of the information we could, I’ve decided that out of love for those who could be part of the vulnerable people group in this pandemic, I’m choosing to opt for a strictly online gathering tomorrow for both the 9am & 11am services. 

Let me be clear, it is love, not fear that’s motivating this decision. 

So, grab a cup of coffee, gather your family together around your TV or dinning room table and join us for a time of worship, giving, a special message entitled “The 4 Platforms of Fear”, and a special time of prayer for anyone struggling with fear. 

On a side note: the one common denominator of every Suddenly moment in the Bible is that each one happened in a way that nobody expected!

Could this online gathering moment be a catylist to an unforeseen suddenly moment for the LCI Family? Could God already have a plan to use this unique way of gathering in a way that we could have never foreseen or anticipated? 

See you in the morning at our brand new online platform where while you’re watching can request and receive prayer as well as interact with each other at 

We love you all and we’re praying for you, 

Pastor Travis & Tina